About me

Hi, I’m Filip Malinowski, coach for communication working on the basis of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

How I work with NVC

ACCESS TO FEELINGS & NEEDS: I support you in recognizing your feelings by exploring the underlying needs through concrete situations. In doing so, I  convey the basics of NVC: personal responsibility, transparency, curiosity, acceptance and goodness.

COMMUNICATION: How can you authentically articulate what is going on inside you, what you need, and at the same time be in harmonious connection with others? Together we practice an emotional language that creates connection.  

STRATEGIES: We look at your behavior patterns and reflect on them .

INFLUENCES: If you wish, we can also look at your past to see if there are episodes that are affecting your actions and communication now. In doing so, we can uncover the unaddressed feelings and needs from your past, giving you a new vantage point.

MY STYLE: In my coaching sessions i listen to you carefully and create a safe-space so you can really be yourself. I’ll offer interpretations, ask questions, structure your experiences.

What inspires me is also the social psychology of Erich Fromm, the communication psychology of Friedemann Schulz von Thun and the Far Eastern philosophy towards life, mindfulness, which I practice with Vipassana meditation. Humor and charm are essential part of my sessions.

Was moves me about NVC:

It’s the most effective method I have come across to achieve a harmonious connection with others, inner peace and clarity. It gives me joy to pass this on!

I am a coach myself and originally had the idea to learn something about NVC from Filip. In his coaching I was gifted with much more: an extraordinarily present, empathetic, smart and appreciative coach! His work goes deep, and in doing so, I always feel how much you are held through Filip in the coaching process. In coaching he is clear, profound, humorous, authentic in every moment, sensitive and - what I find special - loving with the coachees. Filip is one of the colleagues I would definitely recommend from the bottom of my heart and from my own experience, both for individuals and for couples!

Dr. Giovanna Eilers

My Education

Studies of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna
Film & Theater Studies at the University of Vienna
Since 2008 work as film director, screenwriter (my last film)
Self-study & self-awareness in the field of Depth psychology (150 sessions) and cognitive behavioral therapy (60 sessions), courses in Vipassana meditation (20 days), breathing & mindfulness techniques
Since 2019 advanced trainings in Nonviolent Communication
2020 NVC year long training with Marius Windt
Participation in NVC practice groups, leading a practice group
2021 NVC advanced training with Gabriele Seils, among others

„Never work for money.“  M. B. Rosenberg

Call me so we can get to know each other. I will take time for your concerns and together we will see how NVC can help you and whether we can work together.

Call me at +49 30 54482123 or write me.


GFK Einführungskurs 2 Tage: Voranmeldung für Juni 2022

2-day English NVC-course: pre-registration June 2022

GFK / NVC deepening practice day